Momo Scacchi

Senior visual designer & illustrator.

 Hello friend ︎ Hola amigo ︎ Hallöchen freund ︎ Ciao amico ︎ Salut mon ami ︎ こんにちは友人 ︎ Olá amigo ︎ Привет друг ︎


About ︎

I’m a visual artist, illustrator, graphic designer, musician and some people call me a good friend. I like ghosts, dark humour, sad songs, pizza, movies, wine and philosophy. I’m currently working as a freelance professional based in Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe.

With +14 years of experience, I’ve spent the first half of my career working as a freelance illustrator and teaching visual arts in my studio. Then I moved towards graphic design, working in design studios and creative agencies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was born & raised.
I’m currently based in Belin, working as a freelancer with clients in South America & Europe.
I’ve worked across a wide range of areas developing branding projects, art direction, complex visual systems, web design, social media, digital and print design, editorial and illustration.
During my career I’ve developed projects for clients from real estate to artist books, from indie festivals and cultural/educational programs to retail and gastronomy, from boutique studios to mass consumption goods, lifestyle, fitness, medicine & more fantasy.

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Visual Identity — Art Direction — Illustration — Visual Arts — Brand experience — Brand architecture — Editorial design — Web design — Social content — Photography