Momo Scacchi

Senior visual designer & illustrator.
Hello friend ︎ Hola amigo ︎


About ︎

I’m a visual artist, illustrator, graphic designer and good friend. I like ghosts, sad songs, pizza and philosophy. I’m currently working as a freelance professional based in Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe.

With 14 years of experience, I’ve spent the first half of my career working as a freelance illustrator and teaching visual arts in my studio. Then I moved towards graphic design, working in design studios and creative agencies in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I’m currently working as a freelancer with clients in Argentina, Switzerland and Spain.
I’ve worked across a wide range of areas developing branding projects, art direction, complex visual systems and illustration.

Selected clients


Balboa Bar & Gym - Zürich
Pozzible Bars - Zürich
Mémoire Restaurant - Zürich
roots@balboa - Zürich
MYGOSH - Zürich
Not Domesticated - New York
FAYER Restaurant - Madrid
Muccis - Barcelona
Sushita - Buenos Aires
Capital Sushi - Buenos Aires
Uiiiii Festival - Buenos Aires
Familia Beaudroit - Buenos Aires
Rolf & Rudolph - Buenos Aires
Club de la Tinta - Buenos Aires
Trocca x Mafia - California
Shapeless - Los Angeles

Visual Identity
Art direction
Visual Arts
Brand experience
Brand architecture
Editorial design
Web design
Social content
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